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ua. im Labelprogramm: DJ VALIUM - "Go Right For" (2000, CD 888 118 2-8); JOJO´S - "Der Rotwein wird mein Tod sein..." (2000, CD 888 159 2-5); V/A: "Deejay Top 4ty - Part 3" (2000, CD 7243 5 25481 2 5)


name function
Florian BaumProduct Manager
Sandra BraunProduct Manager Compilation
Rene «Renné Bua» EresNew Media
Michi JallohProduct Manager
Tanja JirovskyPromotion Manager
Sabine KronowetterPromotion Manager
Nellina MackingerGM EMI Catalogue Marketing
Albert ManzingerManaging Director
Alexandra RicciAssistant to MD
Nina RotterAssistant to GM Marketing
Catherine SchinkPromotion Local
Alexandra SchladofskyAssistant International
Dunja StachlGM Cooperative Marketing & Promotion
Rafael SteinbergerProduct Manager Catalogue
Marita TreiberPromotion Manager
Jockel WeichertGeneral Manager Marketing


Automatique Records-


year title artist mentioned for format
2008Between The Lines Vol. 1v.a.labelCD-2
2006I Want Your LoveClubraidersdistributionCD
2006KillahFamily BizzlabelCD-Maxi
2006Trust Me (Single)Family BizzlabelSingle
2006Herzlich WillkommenShiverlabelCD
2005Life is a longplayerSirupopdistribution, labelCD
2005This can be [my last chance]Sirupoplabel, distributionCD
2004Rich White Man5 In LovelabelCD
2004Love, Live, FlyOrtega, ManuellabelCD
2004Sunny Side Up 4v.a.labelCD
2004Brothers in Jive5 In LovelabelCD
2003Sunny Side Up 3v.a.labelCD
2002Sunny Side Up 2v.a.labelCD
2002Mein halbes LebenTaudistribution, labelCD
2002Ö3 Greatest Hits Volume 17v.a.labelCD-2
2002Say A WordOrtega, Manueldistribution, labelCD
2002House S6X - we are backOrgasmo, DJlabelCD
2002ThunderVisage, DJdistributionCD
2002Bring The Beat Back !Valium, DJdistributionCD
2002HeartbeatingPlay The Tracks Ofdistribution12INCH45, CD
2002This Heart Shall Sing AgainPlay The Tracks OfdistributionCD
2001Do Wah DiddyÖtzi, DJdistribution, labelCD
2001I Bin A SchifoaraAusseer HardbradlerlabelCD
2001Disko23EPKonsorten TMdistributionCD
2001Geballte LadungMama Robertdistribution, labelCD
2001Eine neue LiebeMama Robertdistribution, labelCD
20011,2,3 (You´re Fooling Me)Ortega, Manueldistribution, labelCD
2001El Amor, La VidaOrtega, Manueldistribution, labelCD
2001KleinePrinzip, Dasdistribution, labelCD
2001The Ultimate DJUnited Nightshift DeeJay´sdistributionCD
2001I Need A Party - La Fiesta TotalOrla, LadistributionCD
2001Makes The World Go AroundDoozer & Palermodistribution, labelCD
2001Mir geht´s so gut...Antonia feat. Sandradistribution, labelCD
2001Auf ReisenShydistribution, labelCD
2001Love, Peace & VollgasÖtzi, DJdistribution, labelCD
2001Don´t Ha HaÖtzi, DJdistribution, labelCD
2001Love, Peace & VollgasÖtzi, DJlabelCD
2001Wer jetzt net hupft is schwul!A klana Indianadistribution, labelCD
2001Don´t Be CruelWhateverdistribution, labelCD
2001Everybody Knows HerWhateverdistribution, labelCD
2001Past - Presesent - FutureVisage, DJdistributionCD
2001Rock That Sound!Visage, DJdistribution, labelCD
2001No CultureTim Timdistribution, labelCD
2001Ska-ndal Inna JungleTim Timdistribution, labelCD
2001Man And Woman (Daba Daba Dab)Tim Timdistribution, labelCD
2001Best of Two In OneTwo In OnedistributionCD
2001Video Killed The Radio StarTwo In Onedistribution, labelCD
2000Bye, Bye RainTwo In Onelabel, distributionCD
2000Glamorous LifeTwo In Onedistribution, labelCD
2000Anton aus Tirol - der ultimaTIEFE Mega MixÖtzi, DJdistribution, labelCD
2000Hey Baby (uhh, ahh)v.a.distributionCD
2000Anton aus Tirol - English VersionÖtzi, DJdistribution, labelCD
2000Wo der Handschlag no zählt... / Never Stop The AlpenpopÖtzi, DJdistribution, labelCD
2000Mega geil ! Volume 3v.a.distributionCD
2000Gemma Bier trinken ...Ötzi, DJdistribution, labelCD
2000Anton - Das AlbumÖtzi, DJdistribution, labelCD
2000Go Charlie GoAusseer Hardbradlerdistribution, labelCD
2000Time After Time 2000ConnecteddistributionCD
2000Oh Le LePizza BoysdistributionCD
2000Music (Here We Go Again)Doozer, DJ & Palermodistribution, labelCD
2000In JapanEinstein Dr. DeejaylabelCD
2000Nordseeküste 2000Hecht, Heribertdistribution, labelCD
2000DirndlpowerAntonia feat. Sandradistribution, labelCD
2000...ich bin viel schönerAntonia feat. Sandradistribution, labelCD
2000SiegerstraßeOhrrauschdistribution, labelCD
2000I´ll Be BackRapublicdistributionCD
2000Gut so!DRP - Das rhythmische Prinzipdistribution, labelCD
2000Social InsecuritiesStraussdistribution, labelCD
2000[Sex 4 Money]Orgasmo, DJdistributionCD
2000You WantWhateverdistribution, labelCD
2000Why ?Whateverdistribution, labelCD
2000I LikeWhateverdistribution, labelCD
2000My Best FriendWhateverdistribution, labelCD
2000Der totale BeatVisage, DJdistribution, labelCD
2000SingAlongSongTim Timdistribution, labelCD
2000Ba Ba BallamannErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD
2000Let´s Hop - Das Allerbeste aber festeErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD
2000Mama AfricaTwo In Onedistribution, labelCD
1999Papa ChicoC-BRAlabel, distributionCD
1999SunshineC-BRAdistribution, labelCD
1999Mind Your Make UpC-BRAdistribution, labelCD
1999Love You TodayC-BRAdistribution, labelCD
1999Sample My BumbumOrgasmo, DJdistribution, labelCD
1999Orgasmo BeatsOrgasmo, DJdistribution, labelCD
1999Anthem '99 - if you believeJohnny LogandistributionCD
1999The Return (Time To Say Goodbye), Feat. ClarissaVisage, DJdistributionCD
1999Ö3 Greatest Hits - die größten Hits der 80er und 90er Volume 7v.a.distributionCD
1999ScullyDRP - Das rhythmische Prinziplabel, distributionCD
1999Everything U GotBond, Tony feat. Sweet Sixteendistribution, labelCD
1999Mega geil! Volume 2v.a.distributionCD
1999(My) Lady In BlackJubileedistributionCD
1999Deejay Top 4ty Part Twov.a.distributionCD
1999Anton aus TirolÖtzi, DJdistribution, labelCD
1999The Sound of Now Vol. 4v.a.distributionCD
1999ZENPoier, Alfdistribution, labelCD
1999Bradl AirAusseer Hardbradlerdistribution, labelCD
1999Kalwang im Winter / Sooo verliabtAusseer Hardbradlerdistribution, labelCD
1999Rock Da PartyGroove Gangstersdistribution, labelCD
1999Golden Stars - Austro PopMendt, Mariannedistribution, labelCD
1999Rhythm & Blues PartyMojo Blues Banddistribution, labelCD
1999Anthem ´99 - If You BelieveOpusdistribution, labelCD
1999Vielleicht für ewig / KuahdreckTrenkwalder, DielabelCD
1999Amore - RomanticaErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD
1999Hamma Heyah Ho (Coming Home)Two In Onedistribution, labelCD
1999Hollywood ´99Two In Onedistribution, labelCD
1999Around The WorldTwo In Onedistribution, labelCD
1999Indian SongTwo In Onedistribution, labelCD
1999Radio SongsStraussdistribution, labelCD
1999Ski heil ... is des geilA klana IndianadistributionCD
1999Jetzt muß es raus!A klana Indianadistribution, labelCD
1999Twist No. SexA klana Indianadistribution, labelCD
1999Uiii, is des bled!A klana Indianadistribution, labelCD
1998Now And ForeverTwo In OnedistributionCD
1998Under The Mango TreeTim Timlabel, distributionCD
1998Out of The DarkFalcodistribution, labelCD
1998Out of The DarkFalcodistribution, label07INCH45
1998Die Pille für den MannHimbeer Teddies, Thedistribution, labelCD
1998I Can See Clearly NowDiscoramadistribution, labelCD
1998HimbeerlandErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD
1998Hasta la vistaErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD
1998All OverNick, Stevedistribution, labelCD
1998Taste Of LoveTwo In Onedistribution, labelCD
1998Taste Of LoveTwo In Onedistribution, labelCD
1998Like A DreamTwo In Onedistribution, labelCD
1998A klana Indiana uiii tuat des weh!A klana Indianadistribution, labelCD
1998Mother And ChildC-BRAdistribution, labelCD
1998Make Up Your Mind!C-BRAdistribution, labelCD
1998House 6Orgasmo, DJdistribution, labelCD
1998Geil!Visage, DJdistributionCD
1998Under The SunTim Timdistribution, labelCD
1998Ready 4 The IslandTim Timdistribution, labelCD
1998Ti Amo ´98RapublicdistributionCD
1997Wave Your Hands In The AirTwo In Onedistribution, labelCD
1997Confetti Kids Hits Confetti-Show-Top-18, Vol.1v.a.labelCD
1997Tanz´n tat i gernAusseer Hardbradlerdistribution, labelCD
1997BradlfettAusseer Hardbradlerdistribution, labelCD
1997Viel SpaszRuedigerdistribution, labelCD
1997DesireeRuedigerdistribution, labelCD
199720 Years In The Blues JungleMojo Blues Banddistribution, labelCD
1997Wir trinken auf RapidAlkbottlelabelCD
1997SubcodexShanti Rootsdistribution, labelCD
1997Love DevotionMillenniumdistribution, labelCD
1997Born To Be AliveDiscoramadistribution, labelCD
1997Bongo BoyErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD
1997Im Himmel ist die Hölle los!Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD
1997Schau wie's schneitErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD
1997Hold Me/Down To The RiverNick, Stevedistribution, labelCD
1997MakeemaTwo In OnedistributionCD
1997FormulaVisage, DJdistributionCD
1997Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep (Where´s Your Mama Gone?)Insitedistribution, labelCD
1997Send Me Roses - The Best of MoModistribution, labelCD
1997Under The SunTim Timdistribution, labelCD
1997Weep No ChildTim Timdistribution, labelCD
1996Dirndl, i liab diAusseer Hardbradlerdistribution, labelCD
1996Himmel, Arsch & GartenzwergPoier, Alf & die obersteirische Wolfshilfedistribution, labelCD
1996Recollection (Forever Past)Ningeelabel, distributionCD
1996Fapiss dichVitamin Clabel, distributionCD
1996Wir seh´n uns wiederTrenkwalder, Dielabel, distributionCD
1996Rhythm & Blues PartyMojo Blues Bandlabel, distributionCD
1996Hardbradln!Ausseer Hardbradlerlabel, distributionCD
1996OdatAusseer Hardbradlerlabel, distributionCD
1995Aufitretln und AbiwedlnAusseer Hardbradlerlabel, distributionCD
1995Deine AugenRuedigerdistribution, labelCD
1995Hirsch EPAusseer Hardbradlerlabel, distributionCD
1995Einmal möchte ich ein Böser seinErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)label, distributionCD
1995FlugzeugErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD
1995ElixierMegasterzlabel, distributionCD
1995Fa. Gott & SohnRuedigerdistribution, labelCD
1995Grätest HitsErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD, MC
1995Kunst - Tour 95 - LiveErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD
1995...für DichWegas, Tonydistribution, labelCD
1994300 PS (Auto)Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD
1994Blues Roll OnMojo Blues Banddistribution, labelCD
1994Nie wieder Kunst (wie immer...)Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)label, distributionCD
1994FeuerwerkWegas, Tonylabel, distributionCD
1994Can You Feel The Rhythm ?X-Dreamlabel, distributionCD
1993Why Do You Play With My HeartModistribution, labelCD
1993ConfessionModistribution, labelCD, MC
1993If you want My Love - RemixesModistribution, label12INCH45
1993ConfessionModistribution, labelCD
1993Gott ist eine FrauBukowski, Borisdistribution, labelCD
1993Hey JoeBukowski, Borisdistribution, labelCD
1993Powerplay für Nachbar in Notv.a.distributionCD
1993Busy Going NowhereYou Know Whodistribution, labelCD
1993GossipYou Know Whodistribution, labelCD
1993AndyYou Know Whodistribution, labelCD
1992Super Blues News (15 Jahre Mojo Bluesband)Mojo Blues Bandlabel, distributionCD-3
1992Das vergess ich nie / Zwei Zeilen ZärtlichkeitBukowski, BorisdistributionCD
1992NachtflugFalcolabel, distributionMC, CD
1992Soul GirlScollo, Ettadistribution, labelCD, MC
1992All My Money´s GoneMojo Blues Banddistribution, labelCD
1992Titanic - The RemixesFalcodistribution, label12INCH45-2
1992Der PulsDeinboek, Helidistribution, labelCD
1992Der PulsDeinboek, Helidistribution, labelCD
1992Playing SafeHohenlohe, Hubertusdistribution, labelCD
1991Alligator WalkMojo Blues Banddistribution, labelCD
1991Dancing With an EskimoMolabel, distribution12INCH33, CD, MC
1991Return To Blues / It´s Whoopiev.a.distributionCD
1991Always Gonna Be Around YouThree Girl Madhousedistribution, label07INCH45
1991Io vivrò / Nessuno sa / ExcessScollo, Ettadistribution, labelMX, CD-MINI, SI
1991S´Muaterl / WürschtlstandErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label07INCH45
1991Watumba!Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD, 12INCH33
1991Ärger als DeixDeinboek, Helidistribution, labelCD
1991Ganz stark im KommenBukowski, Borisdistribution, label12INCH33, CD, MC
1991Wild, Wild, Wild / Forever And EverModistribution, labelSI
1991Sunday Morning / The Dream of Love, Truth & HappinessModistribution, label07INCH45
1990YoyoYoyodistribution, labelCD
1990Herz aus SteinRox, Lalabel, distributionSI
1990Day After Day / L.O.V.E.Yoyodistribution, label07INCH45
1990Insieme - Fairplayv.a.distributionMX
1990Insieme - Fairplayv.a.distributionSI
1990StaiScollo, Ettadistribution, labelCD
1990Einer geht um die Welt / Wo ist der KaiserErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label07INCH45
1990Ding DongErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label07INCH45
1990Neppomuk´s RacheErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD
1990SamuraiErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelMX
1990Ding Dong/Ding Dong (Magermix)/SchweinefunkErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label12INCH33, 12INCH45
1989The Wild Taste of ChicagoMojo Blues Banddistribution, label12INCH33, CD
1989Trag meine Liebe wie einen Mantel / Im selben BootBukowski, Borislabel, distribution07INCH45
1989The Wild Taste Of ChicagoMojo Blues Banddistribution, labelLP, MC, CD
1989Don´t Want To WeepMo & The Gangsters in Lovedistribution, labelMX
1989Sunshine / Step StepMo & The Gangsters in Lovedistribution, label07INCH45
1989Don´t Want To Weep / Don´t Want To WeerMo & The Gangsters in Lovedistribution, label07INCH45
1989Dance Song For Prince CharlesRabbi Xdistribution, labelMX
1989Dance For Prince CharlesRabbi Xdistribution, label07INCH45
1989Komm gib mir deine Hand / Bleib bei mirPinguine, Diedistribution, label07INCH45
1989Why Don´t You Listen To My MusicEspressodistribution, label07INCH45, 12INCH45
1989Why Don´t You Listen To My MusicEspressodistribution07INCH45
1989That´s ItDomino Blue Onedistribution, labelSI
1989Fandango/Kleines Kind mit großen Augen/Ganz gleich was passiertBukowski, Borisdistribution, labelMX
1989Fandango/Kleines Kind mit grossen AugenBukowski, Borisdistribution, labelSI
1989100 Stunden am TagBukowski, Borisdistribution, labelLP, CD, MC
1988Midnight In SwamplandMojo Blues BandlabelCD
1988Land Of 1000 DancesNasko, Nazzdistribution, label07INCH45
1988Original - AufnahmeBambis, Diedistribution, labelCD
1988Super Top - Austro Popv.a.distribution12INCH33, CD
1988Transistor Radio/Sweet Little ChildTitusdistribution, labelSI
1988Rosa Lee / Banana Peel SlideMojo Blues Banddistribution, label07INCH45
1988Face of LoveMo & The Gangsters in Lovedistribution, label12INCH33, CD, MC
1988Face of Love / Little SisterMo & The Gangsters in Lovedistribution, label07INCH45
1988Face of LoveMo & The Gangsters in Lovedistribution, labelCD
1988ParadiesPinguine, Diedistribution, label07INCH45
1988Don´t Let Me Down/Best GirlEspressodistribution, label07INCH45
1988Burli/KurtiErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label07INCH45, 12INCH45
1988An der Copacabana/Küss die Hand ÖSVErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label07INCH45
1988Kann denn Schwachsinn Sünde sein / Die Braut und der MatroseErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label07INCH45
1988Kann denn Schwachsinn Sünde sein? Pest ofErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD
1988Hart und weich zugleich/Nur ein fallender SteinBukowski, Borisdistribution, labelSI
1988An der Copacabana/Küss die Hand ÖSVErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelSI
1988Kann denn Schwachsinn Sünde sein...?Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label12INCH33-2, CD-2, MC
1988Kann denn Schwachsinn Sünde sein...?/Die Braut und der MatroseErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelMX, CD-MINI, SI
1988Spanish HarlemModistribution, label07INCH45
1987Das ist Italien, das ist Amore / Soul By SoulHubbubs, Thelabel07INCH45
1987SmileMolabel, distribution07INCH45
1987Midnight In SwamplandMojo Blues Bandlabel, distributionLP, MC
1987Five Billion/Welcome On EarthEspressodistribution, label07INCH45
1987Ba-Ba-BankrobberyErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label07INCH45
1987Küss die Hand schöne Frau/Spitalo-A-La-Carte-MixErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label07INCH45
1987Liebe, Tod & TeufelErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD
1987Krieg´ dich nicht hinunter/Tanz den TangoBukowski, Borisdistribution, labelSI
1987IntensivBukowski, Borisdistribution, label12INCH33, MC
1987Kokain / Zu SpätBukowski, Borisdistribution, label07INCH45
1987Küss die Hand, schöne FrauErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label07INCH45, 12INCH33, 12INCH45
1987Liebe, Tod & TeufelErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label12INCH33, CD, MC
1987Ich möchte wissenCaruso, Hansidistribution, labelSI
1987Smile / Spanish Harlem / Man´s WorldModistribution, labelMX
1987Send Me RosesModistribution, labelMX, SI
1987Send Me Roses/Everythingv.a.distribution07INCH45
1986Key of Magic / Love GamesViennalabel07INCH45
1986Make Money / We Love YouMolabel, distribution07INCH45
1986Super Top Austro Pop Die 16 Österreichischen Top-Hitsv.a.labelLP
1986Fata Morgana/Geld oder LebenErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label07INCH45
1986Hand in Hand / IntroKGB - Kurt Gober & Banddistribution, labelSI
1986The ShiningGandalf & GaladrieldistributionLP
1986Alte Liebe/FeuerreiterBukowski, Borisdistribution, labelMX, SI
1986Ab und zuBukowski, Borisdistribution, labelSI
1986Heiße Nächte in Palermo/HeldenErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelSI
1986Märchenprinz/EinsamkeitErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label07INCH45
1986Ba-Ba-Banküberfall/Es gewinnt a jederErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label07INCH45
1986Tanz-BarBlue Thier & Coco Banddistribution, labelLP
1986Sind Sie Single?Prokopetz, Joesidistribution, labelMX, SI
1986Make MoneyModistribution, labelMX
1985The ShaberU8distribution, label12INCH33
1985AllanigBlue Thier & Coco Bandlabel, distribution07INCH45
1985Mojschele Majn FrajndGeduldig und Thimanndistribution, label12INCH33, MC
1985Kum aher du FilosofGeduldig und Thimanndistribution, labelMC, 12INCH33
1985Jetzt oder nieSuperfeuchtdistribution, label12INCH33, MC
1985Geld oder LebenErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label12INCH33, CD, MC
1985An der WandKGB - Kurt Gober & Banddistribution, label12INCH33, MC
1985Euer Fritze mit der Spritze/Du bist mein ZugBukowski, Borisdistribution, labelSI
1985Nur du/GlitzerladyBukowski, Borisdistribution, labelSI
1985Boris BukowskiBukowski, Borisdistribution, label12INCH33, MC
1985Märchenprinz/Einsamkeit/Wir jettenErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelMX
1985Liebelei/Die IntelektuellenErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelSI
1984Rock And Roll / Out of ControlU8distribution, label07INCH45
1984Der schönste Preis / Susi RockBambis, DielabelSI
1984Schweinefunk/LiebeleiErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)label, distributionSI
1984Die Braut und der Matrose/Mandy und die RehleinsErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelSI
1984Go Karli Go/Wir jetten in der FettenErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)label, distribution07INCH45
1984A La CarteErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label12INCH33, MC, CD
1984Streng vertraulichKGB - Kurt Gober & Banddistribution, label12INCH33
1984Einladung zur Hotelaustellung Jänner 1984Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)label07INCH45
1983Liebe, Brot und tausend Küsse / LadyMo & The Gangsters in Lovedistribution, label07INCH45
1983More Than Just A SeagullStrobl, HeinzdistributionLP
1983Mir geht es gut/SmileMo & The Gangsters in Lovedistribution, label07INCH45
1983Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie/WienCrazy Daisy & The Vienna Stressmendistribution, label07INCH45
1983Ich habe Lust auf LiebeBartz, Edekdistribution, labelMC, 12INCH33
1983Mir ist schwindlig / EngelsblickBartz, Edekdistribution, label07INCH45
1983Our Own WayNo Brosdistribution, label12INCH33, MC
1983Der Alpenrap/I hab des G´fühlErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelSI
1983Afrika / Stolzer FalkeErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelSI
1983Spitalo FataloErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelCD, MC, 12INCH33
1983Alp-Rapp/Tanz, Tanz, TanzErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, labelSI
1983StimmenhörenHeller, Andredistribution, label12INCH33, CD
1982Crazy Daisy & The Vienna StressmanCrazy Daisy & The Vienna Stressmendistribution, label12INCH33
1982Stadt die Du bistCrazy Daisy & The Vienna Stressmendistribution, label07INCH45
1982Be-Baba-Leba-Boogie / Boogie Woogie for SpannPalden, Joachimlabel, distributionSI
1982Be-Baba-Leba-BoogiePalden, Joachimdistribution, label12INCH33, MC
1981Golden Guitar-SoundHubbubs, Thedistribution, label12INCH33, CD
1981Cafe PasseErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distributionMC, CD, 12INCH33
1981You Better Run / Can´t UnderstandWelcomelabel, distributionSI
1981Anything You Want/Welcome ShowWelcomelabel, distributionSI
1979Nights In The CityWilfriedlabel, distributionMC, 12INCH33
1978Nights In The CityWilfriedlabel, distribution07INCH45
19781. Allgemeine VerunsicherungErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV)distribution, label12INCH33
1978Bitte, bitte/Ein LiebesliedGötzingerlabel, distributionSI
1977Morgenlied/TräumeGötzingerlabel, distributionSI
1976AbendlandHeller, Andredistribution, label12INCH33, MC
1976Boogie Woogie Session ´76 - Live In Viennav.a.distributionLP
1974WienerliederMendt, MariannelabelLP
1973Das goldene Wiener HerzMoser, Hanslabel, distribution12INCH33-2
1972Circus/Lady WaterlooOne Familydistribution, labelSI
1972Es fährt ein Zug nach Nirgendwo / Wer liebt dich mehrAnders, ChristianlabelSI
1971Weanerisch is klassv.a.distribution12INCH33
1971Jung sein is ka leichte Hack´n/Wia a BamOne Familydistribution, labelSI
1971Why Must We Say Good-Bye/I Am The Lonely OneOne Familydistribution, labelSI
1971Need A Good Woman/You Got MeStepslabel, distributionSI
1971Ballawatschata, Hinicha, Hatschata/Mi braucht kanaOne Familydistribution, labelSI
1970Wie a Glock'nMendt, Mariannelabel12INCH33
1970A Glock´n, die 24 Stunden läut / Wenn i eahm nur vergessen könntMendt, Mariannelabel07INCH45
-Ein Kind aus WienHodina, Karldistribution, labelLP
-Chef im HimmelTrenkwalder, DielabelCD
-Der Mehrwertsteuer Song/Der WatschenmannOne Familydistribution, labelSI
-Heut' bin i wieder fett wie ein Radierer / I steh auf diJollys, Diedistribution07INCH45

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