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Klein Records


add. releases: Seelenluft (CH) "The Rise And Fall of Silvercity-Bob" (2000, klcd 021); Seelenluft "Synchronschwimmer-EP - Silvercity-Bob Meets Acapulco 11"; Seelenluft "Out Of The Woods" (2002, klcd036);
Coloma "No Moving Parts (Remixes)" (2005kl073)


name function
Christian «Candid» DvorakBoss
Wolfgang «I-Wolf» Schlögl-


Austrian Music Ambassador Network AMAN-


year title artist mentioned for format
2009The Very Last PartyJust, Christopher vs Bunny LakelabelMP3
2009DensityMarkus KienzllabelCD
2008Into the FutureBunny Lakelabel12INCH45
2007Strobe LoveBunny Lakelabel12INCH33, MP3
2007Dreams Are My RealityAusten, Louie feat. Senor Coconutlabel12INCH33
2007The Church of Bunny LakeBunny LakelabelCD
2006Disco Demons (Remixes)Bunny Lakelabel12INCH45
2006IguanaLouie AustenlabelCD
2005ProductMarkus KienzllabelCD
2005Keyboard liese:gumlabelCD
2005Don`t stepBauchklanglabelCD
2005Stop 2e:gumlabel, distribution12INCH33
2005FireBug, Thelabel12INCH45
2005Fear of MagnetismStratuslabelCD
2005Dundy LionMarkus Kienzllabel12INCH45
2005Blaze ¿n Cook (Remixes)Stereotyp meets Al Hacalabel, distribution12INCH45
2005Looking GlassStratuslabel12INCH45
2005Many PeopleBauchklangco-producedCD
2004Klein Records All Stars Vol. 1v.a.labelCD
2004The Way We GoSeelenluftlabelCD
2004Phase ThreeStereotyp meets Al HacalabelCD
2004Baby Baby / I Can See...Seelenluftlabel12INCH33
2004BaheuxJanoska, Albinlabel12INCH33
2004You Come AlongSeelenluftlabel12INCH33
2004Phase OneStereotyp meets Al Hacalabel12INCH33
2004Phase TwoStereotyp meets Al Hacalabel12INCH33
2004The Way We GoSeelenluftlabelCD-2
2004My Opinion Never SleepsMikalabel12INCH45
2004Meet The BabyloniansI-Wolf & BurdylabelCD
2004Klein Records Compilation in association with ONE and NOW! freemagv.a.labelCD
2003I-Wolf Presents Soul StrataI-Wolflabel12INCH33-2
2003The Electric Sound of Vienna 3v.a.labelCD
2003PressureBug, Thelabel12INCH33-2, CD
2003More Equal Than OthersPrincess HimlabelCD
2003Be My LightI-Wolflabel12INCH45
2003Manila (Mixes)Seelenluftlabel12INCH33
2003I-Wolf Presents Soul StrataI-WolflabelCD
2003Right Place, Right TimeMikalabelCD
2002GonePrincess Himlabel12INCH33
2002The Szabotnik15 MissionMumlabel12INCH33-2, CD
2002EncountersSofa SurferslabelCD
2002TürbläserBazille Noirlabel12INCH33
2002See The LightSofa Surferslabel12INCH45
2002EncountersSofa Surferslabel12INCH33
2001UkoUKOlabel12INCH33-2, CD
2001Sincerely Yours - Part One Of 5Mumlabel12INCH45
2001sincerely yours klein recordsv.a.label12INCH33-2, CD
2001Out Of The WoodsSeelenluftlabelCD
2001Klein Records Sincerely Yours Part Three Of 5UKOlabel12INCH33
2001Selling SoulsSofa Surferslabel12INCH33
2001Automatic RemixesUKOlabel12INCH33, digital
2001Manila (Mixes)Seelenluftlabel12INCH45
2001L.A. WomenSeelenluftlabel12INCH33
2001Sincerely yours DJ Editionv.a.label12INCH33-2
2001Sincerely Yours Part Five Of 5Janoska, Albinlabel12INCH45
2000When Sorrows CameToxic LoungelabelCD
2000When Sorrows CameToxic Loungelabel12INCH45
2000MumMumlabel12INCH45-2, CD
2000The Rise And Fall Of Silvercity-BobSeelenluftlabel12INCH33, CD
2000Tomorrow Re-ReleaseMikalabel12INCH33
2000Komm, süßer TodSofa SurferslabelCD
2000SuperconductiveUKOlabel12INCH45, CD
2000MikaMikalabel12INCH33, CD
2000ConstructionsSofa Surferslabel12INCH33-2, CD
20005 LivesLichtenberglabelCD
1999CargoSofa Surferslabel12INCH33-2, CD
1999Beans & RiceSofa SurferslabelCD
1999Leaving You With ThisPlanet ElabelCD
1999Caught Like A TroutMumlabel12INCH45
1999Tilt-EPMarkus Kienzllabel12INCH45, CD
1999TomorrowMikalabelMX, CD
1999Leaving You With ThisPlanet ElabelMX-2
1999Low NoonToxic LoungelabelCD
1998Life In MalmöSofa SurferslabelCD
1998Stunt Remix EPMastalskylabel12INCH33
1998Duke CutMumlabel12INCH33, CD
1998Clench-EPToxic Loungelabel12INCH33, CD
1998Life In MalmöSofa Surferslabel12INCH45-2
1997The PlanSofa SurferslabelMX
1997The PlanSofa SurferslabelMX
1997The PlanSofa SurferslabelCD
1997TransitSofa SurferslabelCD, 12INCH33-2
1997Sofa RockersSofa SurferslabelCD
1997Sofa RockersSofa Surferslabel12INCH45
1997Sofa Rockers (Re-Release)Sofa Surferslabel12INCH45, CD
1996Karl May Syndrome 3x7"Crooks, Thelabel07INCH45
1996Karl May SyndromeCrooks, ThelabelCD
19967 Nummern EPLieblinge der Nationlabel10INCH33
1996Gestern war ein schöner TagLieblinge der NationlabelCD
1996No more bon jourSofa SurferslabelCD-R
1996The Fun Is Now OverRotifer, Robertlabel07INCH45

press items

article medium issue page date
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"Ich bin eigentlich schon ein bissi ein derber Typ"Falter - Zeitschrift43/09-21. okt 2009
SeelenluftThe Gap88/08-aug 2008
Zwischen den Ortenpeng!01/2008-2008
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Kammerl MusikDATUM Verlag GmbH2/07-feb 2007
Party HighlightsCity - Stadtzeitung für Wien04/2007-26. jan 2007
Zoo - Steirerinnen und Steirer der WocheFalter Special / Beilagen47/06-24. nov 2006
STEIERMARK PROGRAMM - 10 Jahre Klein RecordsFalter Special / Beilagen46/06-17. nov 2006
Thomas' Tanz-TagebuchFalter - Zeitschrift45/06-10. nov 2006
Thomas' TanztagebuchFalter - Zeitschrift44/06-3. nov 2006
Gar nicht kleinCity - Stadtzeitung für Wien44/06-3. nov 2006
Klein, aber feinIQ-style11/06-nov 2006
Kleine RekordeFalter - Zeitschrift43/06-27. okt 2006
Klangvolle Herbst HighlightsCity - Stadtzeitung für Wien42/06-20. okt 2006
Thomas' Tanz-TagebuchFalter - Zeitschrift36/06-8. sep 2006
Ausnahmsweise ein nicht verstaubtes Archiv20er77-jul 2006
SilverstersausenFalter - Zeitschrift51/52/05-23. dez 2005
Zoo (Stmk)Falter - Zeitschrift45/05-11. nov 2005
Klein Records NightFalter - Zeitschrift44/05-7. nov 2005
Frisch aus ÖsterreichSound & Media08/05-okt 2005
lange nacht der musik: sa, 18.juniCity - Stadtzeitung für Wien24/2005-17. jun 2005
Universal Music: "Schnellboote und Tanker"Sound & Media05/05-jun 2005
B.B. SuperstarFalter - Zeitschrift22/04-28. mai 2004
Thomas´ Tanz-TagebuchFalter - Zeitschrift22/04-28. mai 2004
Rezensionen: MusikThe Gap40/02-2002
KLEIN RecordsConcerto02/00-apr 2000
Von Moog bis MaxFalter - Zeitschrift15/99-16. apr 1999
Dullers klingende Welt - Klein wird großFalter - Zeitschrift11/97-14. mär 1997

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