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Martin «Scheer» Scheer

plays in

band instruments from to note
Excuse Me Mosesdr.---
Tuff Stuffdr.Aug 2001--
Stranger, Thedesk20062007-


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Toni Walk Onarrangement--
König der Krötenmastered by--
I Am Cerealsmastered by--
Poet With A Punk's Heartmastered by--
Poet With A Punk's Heartmixed by--
denn jemixed by--
The guns Are Restedmastered by--
In The Woodsmastered by--
The Way I Do Itmastered by--
Galaxymastered by--
Suddenly There Was Peace And All That Terrible Noise Was Gone With The Wind. My Hands Lying Still...mastered by--
Time Is A Habitmastered by--
The Sincere & The Crypticmastered by--
All That Glowsmastered by--
Orbitermastered by--
On The Radiomastered by--
Im Pfuschmastered by--
Truly Yours And In Lovemastered by--
Shining Lightningproduced byTrack 6-
Shining Lightningmixed byTrack 6-
Ernesty IVmastered by--
Kryptonit mit Leberkäsemastered by--
As Shapes Performmastered by--
The Endless Stream Of Everythingmastered by--
Band On Wiremastered by--
A New Life Has Begunmastered by--
This Should Workmastered by--
Vor und nach der Stillemastered by--
Cachemastered by--
Lederhosenpunkmastered by--
Junkyard / Queens Clubmastered by--
Strommastered by--
Licht ins Dunkel 2013mastered by--
Ansa Unta Millionanmastered by--
Almost Usualmastered by--
Nuaschmastered by--
Densest Black EPmastered by--
House Of Riddim Chapter IImastered by--
Dizzy Venusmastered by--
Das ist Rock 'n' Rollmastered by--
Everything Is Upmastered by--
Crystal Palacemastered by--
Floatingmastered by--
Wenn da Vollmond scheintmastered by"Wenn da Vollmond scheint"-
It takes two to tangomastered by--
Schick Schockmastered by--
Civil Riotsmastered by--
Schwoazweismastered by--
So viel Zukunft keine Zeitmastered by--
Tea On The Moonmastered by--
Mr. Babylonmastered by--
One Peoplemastered by--
Smallmastered by--
Opportunitymastered by--
Bridges to Indiamastered by--
The Red Wine Conspiracymastered by--
Vorsorgelieder & Zukunftsmusikmastered by--
Stromgitarre, Schlagzeug, Bassmastered by--
Akterjimastered by--
Kaosmastered by--
KlingerKrennmastered by--
Youngmastered by--
Schmerzbefreit.mastered by--
Tentamastered by--
Intra EPmastered by--
Intra EPmixed by--
Closermastered by--
Ho Un Gatto (Si Chiama Vendetta)mastered by--
I Believe In Rainbowsmastered by--
Amygdalamastered by--
No Rhyme No Reasonmastered by--
Magic Lifemastered by--
Blank Spots EPmastered by--
Mut zum Wunschmastered by--
Crumbling Lightmastered by--
Back To The Startmastered by--
Liebe & Wutmastered by--
Jekyll & Hydemastered by--
The Sixth Sensemastered by--
Global Dialectsmastered by--
Evolution Imastered by--
Red Sunmastered by--
The Weightmastered by--
JAWSmastered by--
Blitzmastered by--
Der blinde Fleckmastered by--
Blackstarmastered by--
Flussmastered by--
Tohu Bohumastered by--
Anaanamastered by--
Uninvited Roomermastered by--
Crescendomastered by--
Zeromastered byTracks 1, 2 & 5-
Wertvolle Zeitmastered by--
Love Life Deathmastered by--
So Schmeckt Rock`N`Rollmastered by--
A Boy's Latinmastered by--
Level 7mastered by--
Dominomastered by--
Warm Embracemastered by--
Sunn Mond Sternmastered by--
Hecha Weidamastered by--
White Noisemastered by--
Svinxmastered byexcept Tracks 5 & 9-
Off By One / Lovers. Almost.mastered by--
Break!mastered by7"-
Drei EPmastered by--
Kunst an die Macht EPmastered by--
Kodak Dreammastered by--
IImastered by--
Live Tapesmastered by--
High Treasonmastered by--
Out Of The Woodsmastered by--
IIIproduced by--
IIImastered by--
IIIrecorded by--
Nemesismastered by--
Close Togethermastered by--
Happy Endmastered by--
Breaking Silence Violentlymastered by--
Chihuahuamastered by--
Black Nipplemastered by--
A Higher Placemastered by--
Shadesmastered by--
Schwarze Wolkenmastered by--
Jetzt oder Niemastered by--
Killers in my mindmastered by--
Dead Heat EPmastered by--
Parismastered by--
Ivy, Meet Me In Your Dreamsmastered by--
zu Hausemastered by--
Heartbeatmastered by--
Grössenwahnmastered by--
Shadowsmastered by--
Comfortmastered by--
The Weightmastered by--
Gestrandet am Ufer der Glückseligkeitmastered by--
What happened at the Social Club?mastered by--
Get Down and Boogiemastered by--
Gambling Girlmastered by--
Sassymastered by--
Cars And Flowersmastered by--
Stay On Trackmastered by--
Kira's New Sweatermastered by--
The Roadmastered by--
Ideal (feat. Christelle Constantin)mastered by--
Shivermastered by--
Immer wieder neumastered by--
Landbewohnermastered by--
Uns2mastered by--
Marrakeschmastered by--
Kreismastered by--
Was hast du getaaan?mastered by--
Kalt WarmguestmusicianSchlagzeug-
69guestmusiciankeyboards on track 5-
I am Highly Sensitive - Christus Lebt!guestmusicianPercussion-
Mein WegguestmusicianSchlagzeug-
Dein WegguestmusicianSchlagzeug-
Super Sommerguestmusician--


company function
Kulturverein AvalonTontechnik
Swoon FactorySenior Mastering Engineer

press items

Medium Artikel/Art Datum


Film, Sound & Media
Issue: 06/21, Seite 14
Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2021
Jun 2021


Film, Sound & Media
Issue: 07/20, Seite 8
Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2020
Jul 2020
Film, Sound & Media
Issue: 04/20, Seite 8
20 Jahre Amadeus Austrian Music Awards am 10.9.20
Apr 2020


Film, Sound & Media
Issue: 04/19, Seite 10
Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2019
Apr 2019


Film, Sound & Media
Issue: 04/18, Seite 12
Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2018
Apr 2018


Film, Sound & Media
Issue: 07/17, Seite 12
Amadeus 2017 - Best Sound für die "Techniker in der zweiten Reihe"
Jul 2017
Issue: 02/17, Seite 32
Special Features - Flut
Jun 2017
Film, Sound & Media
Issue: 03/17, Seite 10
Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2017
Mär 2017


Film, Sound & Media
Issue: 02/16, Seite 8
Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2016
Feb 2016


Film, Sound & Media
Issue: 05/14, Seite 9
Tonstudiopreis "Best Engineered Album"
Mai 2014


Issue: 59, Seite 16
Excuse Me Moses
Jun 2007